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Sturdy and stable

The rounded profile of this air hockey, with no sharp edges, is emphasized by the convex legs giving the table an original and attractive appearance. The neat black and aluminium combination coats a very sturdy and stable structure, which makes this product suitable for use by collettivities.

The playing surface with fine geometrical bycolour patterns is the ideal background for fast and dynamic competitions, which will develop the players’ concentration power, quick reflexes and movement coordination.



18mm thick MDF cabinet, with bump-resistant laminate PVC coating, alternating black and aluminium.
8mm thick MDF legs in with coating in black laminate PVC and chromium-plated feet with an original square profile. Legs are strengthened by crosspanels bringing the table the necessary stability.
Handrails in MDF coated with black laminate PVC and PVC aluminum corners, both laminate for a anti-scratch and anti-bump effect.
The 2,5mm thick playing surface has a white PVC background with attractive geometrical red and blue decorations. This material is scratch-resistant and bump-resistant and easy to maintain and clean.
Quick and easy puck recovery through an exit behind each goal.
Accessories include: 4 hammers and 4 pucks.
2 years warranty against manufacture defects.
The display, with an original design, is placed on the handrails and bears an electronic score counter to mark goals.
The score counter is programmed with modality “sound” (uttering a sound each time a goal is scored).
Packing with strong protections inside the carton, to prevent the table from suffering damages during the transport.
The playing surface has several small holes to convey the air flux produced by a powerful blower. The air comes out at a constant pression, creating a uniform air cushion.
High performance blower below the playing surface, with electrical connection at 220V-240V/ 50-60 HZ and ON/OFF switch button to switch the machine on and off. 


External size 182 x 91cm
Height 79cm
Playfield 170 x 80cm
Weight 46Kg
Packing 185 x 94 x 15cm

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