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Coin operated football tables, specially meant for public places, are not bound to comply with the safety rules applying to home models (European Harmonized Rules of Safety EN 71).

They are excluded by the Italian law from the respect of said rules, as “the professional games installed in public places do not belong to the category of toys”.
However Garlando, aware of the importance that safeguarding the users’ safety has for the football table good use and enjoyment – both from the operators’ and the players’ point of view – for this line of products uses the manufacturing criteria that guarantee the safety on home football tables. 

Therefore the same warnings – with some additions – which guarantee for a safe use of the freeplay tables are valid for the coin operated ones as well.

We recommend that your strictly respect these warnings if one of the following applies:

  • your football table is meant for home use and especially given to children 
  • your football table is meant for home use in a family with children 
  • your football table is meant for public use  in a place attended by children (school, childrens’ club, amusement park, etc.)

General warnings

With children, always prefer football tables equipped with telescopic safety bars, whose ends do not protrude from the cabinet.

If your football table should have protruding bars, teach your children not to get their face near the protruding parts. 

If children are very little, it is advisable that an adult supervise the playing.


Unpacking should be carried out entirely by adults. Keep children away during all steps.

Immediately clear off the packing, particularly the nylon parts and the straps which may cause children to suffocate. 

Assembly, disassembling, part replacing

Assembly (and, whenever necessary, disassembling and part replacing) should be carried out entirely by adults. 

Keep children away during all assembly steps to avoid that they may be fortuitously hit by the table components as well as preventing them from seizing parts (such as bars) that, if improperly used, could be very dangerous.

The small parts (such as bearing retainers, roller bearings, screws and bolts) not yet assembled may be swallowed or inhaled: keep them away from children. 

Effect the assembly correctly (following the Instructions supplied with the table) and take care not to leave any screw or bolt loose: if they are tightened properly it will be impossible for a child to take them off.
Always keep the balls away from children under 3 years of age: having a diameter smaller than 3,17cm they could be swallowed and cause suffocating.

When using the table

Do not use the football table for other aims than the proper one.

Explain to your children that it is risky to put their hands inside the playing field while a game is being played, because rods, while moving, may crush their fingers. 

We recommend that the table should be kept always locked, to prevent children from opening the cabinet. One child is not able to open and lift the cabinet upper part but two or more children could. This would involve the risk of the upper cabinet falling down crushing their hands. 

Moving the table

All operations to move a table must be carried out by adults. Keep children away at all times. 

Maintenance inside the cabinet 

If your table has a working coin mechanism (not a disconnected one), from time to time you will have to open the cabinet to empty the cash-box. 

In this case, or whenever it is necessary to effect maintenance inside the cabinet, all the operations must be carried on by adults. 

Before opening the cabinet check that are no children around.
Make sure that the upper cabinet safety support is operated correctly and that no child or adult but you insert hands inside the cabinet.

Beware of touching the edges of the metal ball track components: they may be sharp. 

We recommend that the table should be kept always locked to prevent children from opening the cabinet. One child is not able to open and lift the cabinet upper part but two or more children could. This would involve the risk of the upper cabinet falling down crushing their hands.

Use of the protection cover

If improperly used, it could cause suffocation. Please keep in mind the following warning:
assembly operations must be carried out by an adult.

always fix it using the supplied clips to avoid that a child may take it off. 

Leg leveller assembly

If the levellers are ordered together with the table, it is preferable to put them on before fixing the legs.

If you have to put them on after the legs have been attached (because of a later purchase), it will be necessary to lay the table on a side: keep children away when handling it.

Once the levellers have been assembled, verify the table stability (if the assembly is correct the table is stable) before allowing the children to play.  

Risks caused by the wear and tear  

Wear and tear depends on the intensity of the use, which can cause some parts to need replacing after a shorter time. 

Remember that a damaged or non-working table could be dangerous for children. Replace any damaged part at the earliest.

Periodically effect the proper maintenance following the instructions supplied Your table will always be reliable, preventing situations of accidental danger. 

Periodically inspect the table wear and tear and replace any damaged or worn out parts. 

Do not mend the table in an inadequate way. Please inquire at our Technical Department. 

Do not forget

Always follow the safety warnings contained in the Assembly & Use Instructions supplied with the table.


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